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Pharma Business Solutions Ltd is a company with robust experience providing a range of services to support the
Healthcare and Biotech industries, including clinical research services and procurement.

Pharma Business Solutions can offer your company the following services:

Clinical Outsourcing

Development of drug development outsourcing strategies

Development of outsourcing processes and systems

Bespoke outsourcing and relationship management training

Contract Management, including interim management

Selection of CRO and negotiation of contracts

Clinical Project Management

Interim management

Project Management mentoring

Development of project management tools

Competency development
Clinical Process Improvement and development

Process Development; including writing SOP

Quality Management,

Project Management
CRO Business Improvement and Expansion

Development of CRO strategies

Evaluation and due diligence of CROs

CRO management team mentoring
General Procurement

Supplier Selection, assessment and monitoring

Procurement training

Interim management


Pharma Business Solutions Ltd is led by Jane Winter who has over twenty years' experience
and has held significant roles in both the Pharmaceutical and CRO Industries.

jane winter

If you would like Pharma Business Solutions to assist you with your clinical research and procurement requirements please contact us

Phone+44 (0)1865 858013        Mobile +44 (0)7713 191 803         jane@pharmabs.com

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